John 2:1-25 SOAP

Scripture: John 2:1-25


  • Vs 5 A challenge was issued - Do whatever He tells you to do. 
  • Vs 11 The glory of Jesus was manifested because of the obedience of the servants
  • The result - Confidence and faith built in the disciples lives in Jesus. 
  • Vs  24,25. Jesus would not entrust (distant Himself) with man because He knows what really inside of a mans heart. 

Application: Jesus wants reveal things to me that I do not know, His plans are perfect for my life but He also knows what's in my heart. I can fool a lot of people but I can not fool Jesus. I understand there are many followers of Jesus who's confidence in Jesus is still under trial. My obedience to "do whatever He tells me" could effect "Jesus glory to be made manifest and many disciples believing" in Jesus today. 

Prayer: Father, I know you see whats in my heart. Refine my heart today to be solely consumed on you and not on my temptations. I want to be an obedient servant because my life mission is to let your glory be manifested in and through my life. I pray that many disciples confidence in you will grow stronger because of my obedience to you. I love you Jesus and I thank you for allowing me to step into this world today with You. It's in your name I pray and live today - Amen. 

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