John 1:29-51 SOAP

Scripture: John 1:29-51


  • Jesus is the Lamb of God (Vs 29) who was sent to take away my sins.
  • Jesus saw me and my life deficits way before I ever knew about Him. 
  • Because of my sinful nature, there is no way I can be close to a Holy God, yet Jesus took care of that by offering me forgiveness through His death, burial and resurrection. 
  • Jesus comes from heaven to earth to ask me to follow Him. Vs 43-48

Application: Jesus made a decision to enter into my world today and He has come to ask, "Will you follow me?" Vs 43 I will answer Him today by stepping towards Jesus unashamedly in faith by saying, "Yes I will". I want to be like Philip (Vs 46) and invite others to see for themselves of the possibility of encountering Jesus, "The Lamb of God, who takes away our sins" because I to have experience is love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. 

Prayer: Father, thank you for seeking me way before I ever I knew You. Thank you for making it possible for me to follow you by taking way my sins then asking me personally to follow you. I want to live my life today in faith with a song in my heart and mouth that will bring you glory. So bless the Lord oh my soul, I will worship your Holy name! In Jesus name - Amen. 

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