Grow your group.


So sometimes the hardest thing to do is make the initial invite to your youth group.

Here are a few practical things to think about (and try) when inviting one of your friends to your youth group:

  1. Invite them when the timing is right! Make sure the first time is the right time. The best way to do this is to invite them when the youth group is planning something fun like a pizza party, or swimming, or activity. This will help them break the ice with the youth group and get to know them without any pressure. 

  2. If you are inviting them to a Bible Study, set their expectation up front. Let them know what is going to happen so they will not be caught off guard in any way. Also, let your Bible leader know in advance if you are bringing a friend. Bible studies are obviously a more intimate setting and ours usually have a time for eating and hanging out, so be sure and share that info!

  3. Make the invitation an "open invitation" Let them know that you are going each week, or whenever it is happening and they are welcome to join anytime. An "open invitation" removes the pressure of putting someone on the spot to make a decision. It means the door is always open. 

  4. Be ready to share your experience with anyone who might want to know what happens at youth group. We have a website that has a dedicated section just for you so check it out and share it with them. 

  5. This last one is probably the most important of all. PRAY. God is always with you every day you are at school. He is there to encourage you and give you just the right words to say when you need them. So lean on Him and don't forget to PRAY. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing,

Daniel WeathermanComment