As a Church, we just finished SOAP by reading through the book of John together. On June 15th we will start reading through the book of Romans together as a church for the next 29 days. The Scripture reading plan will be linked to this page for you to download and share with an accountability partner.

The idea is to reboot with God everyday. 
We are using a very simple plan that you can use called SOAP that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

I have attracted a link to a previous soap for an example. Take your spiritual life to the next level and join the Bible reading with the intent to Engage and Encounter Jesus in the pages of His Word.

You will need a Bible, an accountability partner (I encourage you to share your SOAP with him or her) and you will need a journal. 

I am looking forward to reading and doing this SOAP along with you! 


Pastor Tommy Estes