John 3:22-36 SOAP

Scripture: John 3:22-36 


  • Vs 36 - two words stand out to me - believe and obey. 
  • Vs 30 John said I must decrease so that Jesus can increase in my life. 

Application: The devil believes in God. The devils followers believe in God but they do not obey God. I have the potential to step into life today with that same thought. I do believe in God, I believe who He say's He is, I believe He can do what He says He can do... But the game changer for my life is obeying the Creator of life. So I will chose to decrease to control my life and let Jesus increase in my life so that I can receive the promise that's on the table today - Abundant Life. 

Prayer - Father, I believe in you but I don't want our relationship to stop with a belief. I want to be obedient to the plans you have over my life today. I surrender so that you can increase your presence in my life. I love and trust you in Jesus name I pray - Amen. 

Tommy EstesComment