Going through a struggle alone is  difficult. However, the good news is that none of us have to struggle alone. Faith Missionary Baptist Churh offers several different types of counseling to family members and couples in our community who are looking for spiritual direction, or help with feelings, behaviors or relationships that have become unmanageable. We offer Christ-centered Marriage and Family guidance and care through a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Is There a Cost?

Because we believe that involvement in healthy spiritual community is an essential component of healing and hope, FMBC offers counseling fee of $50.oo a hour to anyone who is or is willing to regularly attend FMBC or another church home. 

Schedule an Appointment

call 512-744-3561 to schedule an appointment. 

Additional Help

In addition to our Care and Counseling Ministry, FMBC offers a support and recovery group. Please consider attending a meeting on Wednesday night at 7pm.